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I'm posting this idea following the comment from kommodore here:
Quote: "kommodore"​Can you also add a filter for collection/swap coins by grade?
​For example I have 4 N/A grades coins in my collection, but when I click on it, it shows many coins, but they are my swap coins. I just want to see those 4 coins from my collection
It would be nice to have a filter to see coins for swap, not for swap or both when viewing my coins.
Status changed to Accepted (Xavier, 31-Mar-2019, 10:01PM)
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Great thanks :`
Xavier Site admin
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This has been implemented. There is a new "For swap?" search criteria on the top of the list of your coins. It is available only for users who didn't chose the "old" collection management system. The clickable charts from the dashboard automatically include this filter if your filtered the dashboard itself.
Status changed to Implemented (Xavier, 15-Oct-2019, 10:16PM)

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