Under my request, the source does not show updated status and only show the old status.

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This message aims at: reporting a bug

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Hi people,

I notice this behavior. Example after submit the coin, scroll all the way down to the bottom you only see 1 line. Why is it like this? Is this normal?

Example of what i enter after the request is been submitted and i click edit and submit again

"I own the Coins and all the source of the picture comes from me. It has been Confirmed that only 1981 is the year that the coins are minted in silver. All the other years are base metal.

Yes according to mas there are silver proof for 1980, 1982,1983 and 1984. The 1 cent, 5 cent, 10 cent, 20 cent and 50 cent for those years are base metal. Only their 1 dollar is silver and if I am not wrong 1980 have only the 10 dollar sattlite coin is silver.

Thank you."

What i see only
Source: I own the coins myself.

2nd thing.

I am logged in and i select my request, under the manage my collection, it says to manage my collection please log in. Is this normal?

Thank you.
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Both issues are fixed.

Used time zone is UTC+1:00.
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