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Jim Vellis
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Hello coin enthusiasts. I've been collecting coins now for over 30 years. It all began when a friend passed away and left me his stamp and coin collection. It was mostly foreign coin and paper, European and elsewhere. Some U.S. Since then I have become an avid collector of only U.S. coins. All denominations. I discovered this site while researching the origin of a foreign coin. I have no interest in accumulating more foreign coins. Instead, I'm interested in swapping them for U.S. issues that I need. However I don't seem to see much activity at all here with U.S. to U.S. swaps. I have so many coins to swap in exchange for coins that I need. I've already listed almost a thousand coins. Should I keep going or is this the wrong site for what I'm trying to accomplish?
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Welcome to numista!!!

this is a good site for you to do swaps, it’s just that there hasn’t been any lately. I do suggest EBay if your looking to sell to.

there is a separate sections just for swaps. Maybe put a post there?
If you have any United States, Taiwan, Chinese republic, Japanese (pre WWII), Chinese imperial coins to sell/exchange please let me know! Plus visit my Ebay store! For coins+Jewelry
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PM sent.
I sell my Duplicate or Un-Needed coins on eBay: Numista members get a discounts on all my ebay listings. Send me a PM about coins listings that interest you.
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It would be helpful if you were more specific than "I want certain coins to fill holes in my collections."
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My previous swap request still stands but I waited weeks to no avail so I canceled the swap. Please see if what I have is of interest to you as you were never specific as to what your intentions or interests were.
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Still, dead silence. Maybe the problem is you.
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I think you are on the right track.
But like so many individuals new to collecting, you may have underestimated how many of us there really are.
And as a result, you may not be aware of how many coins are available.
If your stock isn't rare, or offered below market value, your offers are just in a long que.
As previously suggested, try selling on ebay. It won't bring you much money, but it will give you an education.
My Numista collection is about 2000 types, and I don't feel that my duplicates are worth listing for trade.
Common coins are in surplus.
A smart man learns from his mistakes.  A smarter man learns from someone else's.
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Hi Jim,

I'm glad we got to swap! Little by little you'll learn how to achieve your collection goals, it requires perseverance and patience!
Also, realize that some Numista members don't react that fast to the swap request emails. I cancel the request after 1 week of silence and move on to someone else.
Anyway, looking forward to our next swap!
Let me know what USA coins you need, I have way more than I put for swap and I am the opposite as you: I want to get rid of my American coins for World coins!
Let me know!

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