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Jim Vellis
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Hello coin enthusiasts. I've been collecting coins now for over 30 years. It all began when a friend passed away and left me his stamp and coin collection. It was mostly foreign coin and paper, European and elsewhere. Some U.S. Since then I have become an avid collector of only U.S. coins. All denominations. I discovered this site while researching the origin of a foreign coin. I have no interest in accumulating more foreign coins. Instead, I'm interested in swapping them for U.S. issues that I need. However I don't seem to see much activity at all here with U.S. to U.S. swaps. I have so many coins to swap in exchange for coins that I need. I've already listed almost a thousand coins. Should I keep going or is this the wrong site for what I'm trying to accomplish?
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Welcome to numista!!!

this is a good site for you to do swaps, it’s just that there hasn’t been any lately. I do suggest EBay if your looking to sell to.

there is a separate sections just for swaps. Maybe put a post there?

If you have any United States, Taiwan, Chinese republic, Japanese (pre WWII) coins to sell/exchange please let me know! Plus visit my Ebay store! For coins+Jewelry
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PM sent.
I sell my Duplicate or Un-Needed coins on eBay: Numista members get a discounts on all my ebay listings. Send me a PM about coins listings that interest you.
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It would be helpful if you were more specific than "I want certain coins to fill holes in my collections."
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My previous swap request still stands but I waited weeks to no avail so I canceled the swap. Please see if what I have is of interest to you as you were never specific as to what your intentions or interests were.
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Still, dead silence. Maybe the problem is you.

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