New coins I'm unable to identify (Greek, Byzantine, Arabic)

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Here are the coins I'm unable to identify, so any help is most welcome!

1. Byzantine or Pseud-Byzantine (Arabic)? 2.95g; ~16-21.6mm

2. Greek? 2.8g; ~11-12mm

3. Arabic silver; 3.04g; ~15-15.5mm

4. Greek? I see a horse on the obverse and ARTEMI on reverse; 1.19g; ~11.1mm

5. I see a crab or a shell on obverse and a head left on reverse; 3.04g; 15.9-17.6mm
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Number 3 appears to be a "Bull and Horseman" jital from the greater historical India area (in other words, including both northern India and much of present day Pakistan and Afghanistan). Dozens of varieties were produced from about 850 to 1300 AD. There are threads on this topic if you search around. Here's a good comprehensive one:
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I think #1 is this one:
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Thank you, I appreciate your help!

If anyone else has any clues as to the other coins it would be great!
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I think the #4 is this one (not a horse but a sphinx) :
More on this coinage :

The #2 is a seleucid coin for sure, I think under Antiochus III. I believe it is this one :
But feel free to browse on this database :
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As Seeker55 indicated, this is a “Bull and Horseman” jital. The specific variety is:
Dehli Rajas, Ananga Palla Deva c. 1130-45 AD
Jital or silver drachm
Mint: Dehli
18% silver?
o. bull facing l.
r. horse and rider r.
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Numisquare, that's impressive attribution to find the exact variety of the "Bull & Horseman" jital. Hats off to you!
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This is fabulous, thank you so much! It's cases like this that show how important it is to be part of a community of passionate and knowledgeable people. Help is much appreciated.

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