Chinese Cash Coin - I have inherited coins, and I need guidance - see details in the text. [solved]

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I have inherited a lot of coins from many countries, two of these are two
chinese cash coins (so I think) with the typical square hole in the middle.
However, I am danish, and my chinese is not good, so I hope someone here
can help me translate what is written on these two coins, what region they are
from and what year and any other relevant information related to these two
coins. also, are they of any value / are they rare?

The two coins are very similar, but different physical size and some of the text. Here are the details
of the first coin, I will open another question on the second coin:

Coin 1 (the smaller one):

Diameter approximately 22.3 mm.
Thickness approximately 1.3 mm.
Weight approximately 4.0 gram.

See picture.

Thanks in advance


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Emperor KAO TSUNG, AD 1736-1795
reign title: CH'IEN-LUNG.
This coin is the Shan-Lung commemorative issue variety, believed to have been issued between the time of his abdication and death (1795-1799).

(Note added later: other discussions regarding this type of coin have indicated that the Calgary Coin attribution may be oversimplified. This coin may be a variety of the normal Ch'ien Lung variety, made 1736-1795)
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