Something British?

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Kristian Borisov
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Copper maybe, weight now around 6.2grams, diameter around 27-28mm


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George I half penny?
ZacUK Numista team, Moderator
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No, not that coin, as the GEORGIVS lettering on that link goes behind and
above the portrait, whereas on the picture it goes only behind. May be this ...
as also he has shoulder pads (or whatever they are) with vertical lines on
which is more like on the coin in my link. :)

[unsure about missing letters]
[cannot see where N letters go]

Though even then yours has (seemingly) a larger portrait.
And a straight line on reverse. Still looking ...
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These George III halfpennies were also struck in the American colonies. They are less refined compared to the British originals. American copies (Machin's Mills) are known for years dated 1771, 72, 74, 75, 76, 78, 87, 88. Some of these can be identified by the large triangular dentils along the coin circumference. There are also English counterfeits of this period.
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Looks a lot like this 1776 halfpenny but I can't see it listed in numista

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