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Hi All
I have a list of Gold coins
How can i get Currency valuation
here ?
Mr. Midnight
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you can start in the NGC catalog

the prices are only a first estimate. if they are really valuable you should find a professional appraiser.
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I would also like to add that NGC can be horribly inaccurate for anything other than US/Canadian coins. What sort of gold coins do you have? If you post them in the ID forum then members here could direct you to more specialised resources about their value.
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Can you see my collection here?
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Quote: "DUBIR"​Can you see my collection here?
​In order to let people view your collection, go to the Account Settings page, and in the box "Personal options" at the bottom, check the box in front of the option:
  • Allow everyone to view my collection

But then we will only see the pictures from the catalog. For proper judgement of your coins, please upload pictures to the forum.

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