Achaemenid coinage

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This coin belonged to my father's estate. It is 29x28mm and to my untrained eye is struck in silver. I have found an illustration of one in your catalogue, although it is not an exact match. I would be grateful for an identification and, for insurance purposes, an approximate valuation. I am not seeking to sell it as it has intrinsic family value.
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This is a difficult coin to identify. The reverse has been struck twice, obliterating parts of each legend. A tentative attribution of this tetradrachm from Parthia is to Phraates IV (c.38-2 BC).

see this site for the coins of Parthia:
see this page for the coins of Phraates IV:
see these two photos for the specific coins that are close to matching your coin:
Sellwood #51.22
Sellwood #51.25

As is mentioned on this site, there is still a question as to whether these are the coins of Phraates IV.
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Thank you for your trouble. You have been most helpful in solving this old family riddle!

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