Possible Persian coinage [solved]

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My father worked in the Middle East before WWII, where he used to collect ancient coins. Part of his collection included this group of seven pieces of silver, ranging in size from 5mm through to 21-24mm, depending upon the axis of measurement. My father had always believed this group to be either early Persian coinage or a set of standard weights, possibly used by an apothecary. He stated that he had purchased it in Tehran prior to 1941. Each sphere is imprinted with two marks, one a circular flower shape, and the other a hanging lamp shape set inside a heart-form. The ball was probably cast as a flat oval tablet and then hammered into its present shape. I would be grateful for an identification and, for insurance purposes, an approximate valuation. I am not seeking to sell or break up the set as it is of intrinsic family value.
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I don’t know much but they look like bullet money

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KLiao is correct - this is Thai bullet money.

Here are some examples:

Some of yours appear to be from Rama IV, 1851-1868

Sometimes it's difficult to match the symbols on this type of money to get a good attribution.
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Yes, these are ‘bullet’ coins from Thailand (Siam), issued from 1656 to 1861. There are two marks on each piece, the dynastic mark and an individual mark. There are many denominations: 4 baht (61.6g), 2 baht (30.8g), 1 baht (15.4g), ½ (7.7g), ¼ (3.85g), 1/8 (1.92g), 1/16 (0.96g) 1/32 (0.48g), and 1/64 (0.24g) baht. There are some other ceremonial denominations.

The dynastic mark shown in your photo is the Chakra, symbol Vishnu, and it looks like a sun with six dots around it. The individual mark is the Mongkut, or royal crown, used by Rama IV (1851-1868). The smaller denominations may have only one mark, and are probably different than those you have shown. If so, post a photo of each one and give the weight of that coin so it can be identified.
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Thank you for your trouble. You have been most helpful in solving this old family riddle!

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