10 Pfennig Meuselwitz [Stadt, Sachsen-Altenburg] dupe

This message aims at: requesting the modification of a coin in the catalog

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There is a place called Meuselwitz that produces 2 coin denominations;

50 Pfennig

and then there's 20 Pfennig, both there are 2 in the catalogue and the big problem is that they have contradictory information.

20 Pfennig (1)
20 Pfennig (2)

I have the 50 Pfennig and in my personal opinion, I believe that both 50 and 20 should be zinc, as it feels a bit light and weak compared to an average iron coin.

Sometimes, I dream about Ch- Coins.
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According to the Funck 2012 catalog, Meuselwitz issued 5, 10 and 50 pf coins. All three denominations were issued in both Zinc and Iron ...
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