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The Fitzwilliam Museum, The University of Cambridge

The applications for the British Numismatic Society’s student placement bursary closes on the 19th of this month: This year’s placements are based at Norwich Castle Museum and the Roman Baths in Bath.

I’d definitely recommend that you apply if you meet the requirements. I received a placement at the Fitzwilliam Museum last summer. The whole experience was unforgettable. It was an absolute privilege to work with one of the largest numismatic collections in the UK. The curators at the museum were incredible and allowed me to see whatever piqued my interest and talk me through many aspects of the collection. I got to handle so many amazing objects, including a petition crown, a Ming Dynasty banknote, a 1953 sovereign and a Victoria Cross. I also believe the experience opened up a lot of opportunities in museums closer to home.

I’m immensely grateful that I got to experience this. Please apply if you qualify, its an experience not to be missed.
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