Spanish Reale coins - Please need help with authentication. [solved]

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I have come across some Spanish coins I must have picked up some time ago now, and I was wondering if there were any experts on Spanish coins on here that maybe able to please help me authenticate them.

This coin weighs 3 .03 grams

and this next coin weighs 5.29 grams

The next one is the 1808 2 Reales and weighs 5.75 grams

Next is this 1768 and weighs 6.51 grams .

The last one is this 1780 2 reales that weighs 6.35 grams.

They are all in medal alignment and thank you anyone that may be able able to help,
as if any are real I would like to let someone who collects Spanish coins have them, thanks Mark.
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First of all, I will not help too much with authentification, i dont have the knowledge to verify the originality or not of most of this pieces.

Although, as spanish collector i have the minimum knowledge to mess around the spanish catalogue here in Numista and try to identify them.

First coin wants to be a 1 Real, most probably form the Reyes Católicos Fernando and Isabel or in second case from Fernando and Juana. Most of the desing and weight wants to match that coin but in the shield side, your coin have 4 little dots (left side) that make me distrust it. Weight is near but do not match: 3.03g yours vs 3.43g numista. References:

Second coin its a beautifull 2 Reales from Felipe V, Madrid mint (shield side, M(adrid) under R(eal). Weight do not match: 5.29g yours vs 6.77g Numista. Reference:

Third one is 2 Reales from Carlos IV, Madrid mint (shield side, M(adrid) + I (I.Urquiza) and G (G.Lazaro) mint official´s). Weight do not match: 5.75g yours vs 6.77g Numista. Reference:

Fourth coin its a 2 Reales Columnarios from Carlos III, Mexico mint (+ around in shield side). Weight almost matches yours 6.51g vs 6.77g Numista. Reference:

Fifth and last coin its a 2 Reales from Carlos III, Peru mint (M.I. at the end of the legend shield side). Weight again almost matches: yours 6.35g vs 6.76g Numista.

In a time that weight was "the thing" that gave value to the currencies around world, i am afraid that thoose differences in the weight of your coins can lead to id them as fake/counterfaits ones BUT AS I SAID AT THE START i dont have enough knowledge to say this 100% sure, i just want to point it out.

I tryed my best; If Zegeri see this topic, probably will have the answer to all your questions.
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Don't worry too much about the weight with old coins very worn. The weird thing would be that they had the right weight. The usual weight for 2 reales of XVIII century is in the range 4,7 - 6,5 g.
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Thank you guys very much for your help and it is very appreciated, regards Mark.
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