Early Indian coins to identify [solved]

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I bought a bulk load of these and some rupees for spink some weeks ago just to enjoy identifying them all, so prepare for more idiotic posts in the near future!

Trying to identify these 2 for now. (Apologies if they are the wrong way around, I'm still a baby in these ones

Diameter, around 20mm
Weight: 16.01g

Looks like Tajud-din Firuz Shah. Maybe a 2 tanka, as 1 tanka copper was 7.5grams ??? Dunno.

3.5 grams, billon
Damghan Shah jital I think but the legend and dot placement looks wrong.

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The closest : 1⅔ Gani - Muhammad Shah III
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The first one looks like a Bahmani Sultanate coin and the weight matches a 1 gani. However, I didn't find a match in a quick look at G&G.

The second one looks like Delhi Sultanate and my guess is Qutb Al-Din Mubarak based on the inscription within the smaller circle (similar to some of his other coins), but unfortunately again I didn't see a match in G&G.

Hopefully someone more experienced with these will chime in.
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Think I found the 2nd one thanks.

GG MD18. Rajgor 2941

Nasir al-Din Mahmud Damghan Shah (1344-47) Silver or Billon jital

Weight: 3.53 gm., Diameter: 15 mm., Die Axis: 8 o'clock

Legend in central circle: nasir al-dunya wa'l din,

AH date off flan written out in circular margin

Legend: muhammad ghazi damghan shah al-sultan
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1] Bahmani Sultanate - 1 Gani - Ala Al-din Ahmad Shah II

2] Yes, your identification is correct. It is of Madura Sultanate - Jital - Nasir al-Din Mahmud Damghan Shah
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