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Why not insert the "link" to the referee on the coin pages ?

Could this "link" be added to the "Add or modify data" page too ?

The only way I know of contacting referee is to click on the Country's list, navigate til the bottom of the page and click on the list.
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pejounet Numista team
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Other way: click the "Numista team" link at bottom of any page of the site and you will see the full list of referees.
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What I do is click on the issuer/country name on the coin sheet. and then scroll to the bottom and there you will see it.
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thank you but this do not solve my problem, as I need to know and contact the referee for the country mine coin belongs to.


I know that, it was described on my post, I just thought would be better if we cannot need to change pages just to get in touch.


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About your first point, I remember reading a similar suggestion somewhere and i remember a good argument to not implement something like this for a very good reason:

If you add a button that leads every user to the refree, their pm inbox will be bombed with ID questions and consequently the ID forum will be empity. The problem its not the ID forum empity, its that the refrees are not here 100% to answer all the ID questions that more or less all we do once in a while (or more often).

I think that if one user go to the Numista Team page and use the search tool form Chrome (other navigator should have one) can find easyly the refree that he wants.


About your second point, i think it can be a good idea, for example, for thoose cases when you want to add a year line for No Date and its not possible becasue "The list of years is complete and has been verified" (your coin is worn, damaged, etc and you dont have the year...); it can be a fast way to send the request to the refree to modify it.
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I have no plans to implement this feature. As mentioned, there are other ways to find the referees, which I consider are enough. Instead of going directly to the referee, you may also post on the section "Catalogue" of the forum.

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