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This message aims at: reporting the permission from a website to use their pictures on Numista

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My name is Kirill Alekseev. I am a numismatist and coin & banknote dealer from Saint Petersburg, Russia.
For more then 10 years I take photos of coins for my on-line store and I have accumulated over 3tb photos and scans.
I have no rare or expensive coins, usually it's regular or commemorative coins which are in my own collection or sold in my store ( It's more then 20000 coins.
I can add photos to numista if you accept it.

Now i just start my blog about numismatics ( and it will be great if you place a link to it with displayed on ©: Image courtesy of Pogodovka

I attached some photos for example.

Thank you
Kirill Alekseev

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Added! Sorry for the delays! <:D
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