Silver coin tarnish cleaning?

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Hello. Ive recently became active in my collection after remaining dormant for years and this is my first post on this forum.
I got this Afghanistan silver coin of Habibullah 1906
This is the veriant i have:

1324 (1906) ١٣٢۴ KM#842.2 (different legend above mosque)

My questions are
1. my coin weighs 9 grams where the weight mention in numista catalog is 9.2 (i weighed on a kitchen scale), is my coin fake??
This is the picture of my coin

2. My coin has this brown spots which i have tried to clean with a solution of Vinegar and sodium bi carbonate, but it didnt came off. I didnt leave the coin in the solution for long fearing damage.

3. This is a general question, although its quite debated here, but i want to know if you guys clean your coins particularly the dirty ones only to the extant where it can look not 'pristine' but 'clean' i hope i am able to communicate my point
point as English is not my first language.
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Try a pink eraser on the end of a pencil.
Acid and base mixed will give a neutral or weak solution.
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I don't think it is fake, but a kitchen-scale is not accurate enough to
weigh a coin. can run,  but you can't hide...

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