Copper coins turning dark (brown)

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I am relatively new to "real" coin collecting and I have a few questions. I was storing all of my coins in cheap ebay coin sheets that are 100% PVC and after many years of just collecting coins and not knowing anything, all copper ones turned very dark, even some brilliant UNC specimens with red color went dark. (How stupid am I right?)
My question is: Is there a way to restore some color without losing much value? And will mylar coin sheets do better? I dont want to have coins in 2x2s or capsules, I like to store them in albums.
Any tips for future? Now I understand a lot of things about metals and coins so I want to be more careful in the future.
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Hi there. I would advise to not to clean the coins no matter what and leave them be. Pvc does damage the coins. But it is also partly how you store the coins. I also have some copper coins. And I notice them because I store them away from sunlight and keep in a ait tight jar, some how the coins did oxide and did not turn very brown. Copper is the coin that is most easily oxidixe and advise to handle with gloves at all times.
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Thank you for your answer. I know that I should not clean them and probably will not. I now wonder how to store them so they dont turn dark
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Copper coins are more prone to oxidisation due to which, they become dark or brown over a period of time. It is very important to store your coins away from any kind of moisture. Even if you are storing them in coin holders or albums, keep your albums safely away from sunlight. The type of plastic also plays a big role. Always look for good quality and branded accessories that are made of acid-free plastic. I happened to find some branded coin accessories in this link here, check it out..
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Thank you for your reply :)
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Some over the most beautiful copper coins are the ones that have toned a deep even chocolate brown. I have Swedish coins with this sort of toning. Very attractive

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