Coins and Essays of Paraguay by Miguel Ángel Pratt Mayans

This message aims at: requesting a new reference book for the catalog

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Dear Team,

COINS AND ESSAYS OF PARAGUAY by MIGUEL ÁNGEL PRATT MAYANS helped me to add and study about the currency in Paraguay. Most of the new coins which I added are not found in Krause or in another catalogue book (only found it in this coin catalogue).

Miguel Ángel Pratt Mayans is a recognized Paraguayan numismatic. The first edition of this catalgue book was in 1985 and second edition in 2013.

Is it possible to create and add this new reference book onto "Reference number" popup too?

To classify a coin this catalog begins with the letter M plus a reference number like M45.

Please see below a couple of new coins which this catalogue helped me:

E.g: (I added catalogue reference number onto comments )

Thanks in advance, Merci

Saludos from Buenos Aires,
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Definitely agree.
It’s by far the reference of the Paraguayan coinage.
By the way this book is almost impossible to find in Europe, I am thinking since long to ask a friend living in Asunción to purchase one for me as it look like the only way to get one.
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Even though I have a physical copy. I´m used to work with the online option:

(It is an online PDF file which usually takes a while to load due It has 184 pages).

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<:D Added!

Small request for next time: Without the capital letters, since I am copying the name from the thread directly to the database. (Although I done it from the thread name in this case)
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Thanks Again Jarcek!

Have a nice weekend = Spanish: Buen Finde!:D
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Dear Jarcek,

I realized me that our Numismatic Mr. Miguel Ángel Pratt Mayans uses 2 nomenclatures in this catalogue book to designate the Paraguayan coins. Those that are essays begin with the letter M, On the other hand the Standard Circulation/Conmemorative Coins begin with PM.

Is it be possible to include this PM option too? In other words, the option with M (Essay/Pattern is done) but the PM option (Standard Circulation Coin) has not been added yet.

I inclueded Pratt Mayans'catalogue reference onto Essai's coins yesterday. My idea is start to add his catalogue reference onto regular coins.

Thanks again Diego

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