Constantly have to sign back in.

This message aims at: reporting a bug

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Joined: 26-Mar-2018
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I have had to sign in every hour or two today. Is it a problem with my computer or the Numista site?
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It’s not affecting me....
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Xavier Site admin
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Hello harryg, I'm loooking at possible issues. Do you usually check the option "Remember me"?
Joined: 26-Mar-2018
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Apparently I am the only one with this problem so it must be something with my computer. Thanks for your response and please consider it solved.
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I have been experiencing this problem too the last couple of days. Haven’t seen it today.
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I have the same. today i sign up 6 or 7 times.
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Same problem for the last several days.
Xavier Site admin
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I just made some adjustments. Please let me know whether you see any improvement.
Also, please mention if you ticked the checkbox "Remember me" or not while you signed in for the last time.
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