German collectible coins!

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Hi everyone. I need help identifying these coins. I cant seem to find the anywhere ön the Internet.
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As they do not seem to have a face value, I believe they are tokens not coins.
I'm just a collector of coins, not a slave to it, unless I am in a coin shop.
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welcome to Numista!!
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Yeah , sorry I meant to write tokens. But I looked on the web and they seem to be like the shell tokens but they are not.
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Thanks Petrus for the welcome!
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Hi Levente,

this seems to be the manufacturer or at least the distributor :

The material seems to be copper. Each Token costs 0,25€ at the moment.

I found lists of these tokensets :

Token set „beautiful Germany“

Token set „Racing cars“

3 Sets Medals „Albrecht Dürer“

and there are many more.

Best regards  !

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