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Hi Guys,
I'm just starting to organise my small coin collection here in the UK and am in need of some advisement as my OCD is starting to act up....
So far I brought a Schulz coin album as well as a few coin capsules, Then a few weeks later as I'm still organising things I read about PVC and its plans to destroy coins around the world. So now I'm back to square one and have been trolling through these forums and other sources to figure what works best and so far my consensus is whatever works for you but usually either mylar cardboard or Saflips or nothing.

I have brought around 50 coin capsules from lighthouse for my silver and a few rarer coins but I need to file away my low grade ones 250 plus spares or so and need a decent system - I'm now worried that even my ziplock bags will taint my coins for future filing.......

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated, especially from the UK crowd for suppliers to use.
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Lidl sell aluminium coin cases about 2 time a year in their famous middle isle for about 10 quid
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If you're from New Zealand like you username suggests then there is a guy that sells some decent flips on Trademe, I've bought a couple of hundred off him in the past.

He doesn't have any at the moment but he usually has some available.
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First, your coins are safe in ziplock bags. All food storage plastic items are required to be PVC free (it's toxic to coins and humans).

For your common coins, just buy cardboard/Mylar 2x2s (they work and they're inexpensive).
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Thanks for the replies, yes sorry I am based in the UK but from NZ originally.
So the cardboard mylar slips would be the more cost effective way to go ?
If the saflips weren't so expensive I would use them exclusively as I'm not sure I want to have 3 different storage types.
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Personally I use small 150x100 mm air tight medically graded plastic bags, those little zipper bags. (These are really cheap in bulk, I can buy them for 30 cents per 100 bags, but are identical to food bags someone else said, these are just a lot smaller.) I first filter my coins by nations and then by ruler or period.

For example, I am from the Netherlands, so I filter per ruler, United Kingdom I do too, but with ERII you ofc have pound and decimal, so those I split in two bags.
After that, I have small ice-cream containers. (Those are around 2 euro's a piece and well, you get the plus you can eat ice cream to eat away your sorrow) The containers I label per region, so The Netherlands, I consider Netherlands Indies, Netherlands Antilles, Suriname and Aruba part of The Netherlands.
The convenience is that I buy containers where my non-PVC specially designed 2 Euro holders (that can hold 8 coins, I put my silver and commemorative coins in those) can fit horizontal, I put my plastic bags with 'normal' coins on top of the silver and commemoratives.

I don't know if this'll give you any advice, but that's how I design my coin collection, just because the little containers are stack-able, are not damaging to the coins. And I label them and put in an excel file what nations I put in what container. (For example, I also have "Scandinavia" that's Denmark [sorted by ruler], Sweden [sorted by ruler], Norway [sorted by ruler], Iceland [old korona and new] and Finland [old Markka and new], imo it's really organized, even if I have a lot of loose bags still needing their containers. (those I just toss in a cabinet I don't use.)

I have two bags for each nation, the ones I organize well, the E (Enkel, for single coin) and the ones I don't organize well, D (Dubbel, for double). The E's I organize as I said above, the D only goes per nation, not ruler or currency. This because for a single nation it might take up to an hour to catalog. And because I instantly filter by quality of the coins, the D's are for bulk sale.

I come from a museum background and tried a lot of organizing styles and even if this takes a lot longer, it does feel a lot more rewarding when I have made a lot of progress.
And I don't know how much help this entire post helps you, but at least I shared how I organize my collection. :wink:

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