German token identification: Ludwig II Koenig von Bayern, 1500 Jahre Bayern [solved]

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I have a new token, which is silver colored, 32 mm in diameter, 2 mm thick. Obverse has "Ludwig II Koenig von Bayern 1845-1886" with his image and crest. Reverse has "1500 Jahre Bayern" with crowned crest flanked by standing lions, and below the number "550". Lightly engraved on the edge is "Bayer, Hauptmuzamt" (Bayer, Home Office)

Seems very light for silver metal, perhaps not metal. The background is mirror-like.

Bayern first appears in written documentation ca 520 AD, so it must be a brand new item (1500+520 = 2020). Is it possible the Bayer Company had these made, and are numbered? No other mint marks, value or identification. I would like to know origin and material. Thank you. TomAZ


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Not (Bayer, Home Office) but translated meaning is Bavarian mint.
550 is the Silver content.
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Here's a listing for possibly your medal or possibly there is a series (since the linked coin mentions St. Bartholomew but I can't find the other side, link to eBay does not work).ä-Silbermünze-152742174834.html

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Quote: "apuking"​Not (Bayer, Home Office) but translated meaning is Bavarian mint.
​550 is the Silver content.
​Thank you for the information.
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