Islamic square silver coin

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Hi there where could somebody please tell me what coin I have in the photographs I have researched this coin but I always seem to come to a dead end regarding the finer details I have a certain idea of what caliphate for Dynasty it comes from but I can't pinpoint the exact coin can anybody out there help me please thank you
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The weight and dimensions across would help with identification.
The Malwa Sultanate in India is known for its square coins so that might be a starting point, but it doesn't really look like Malwa style to me and there are probably other Islamic issuers of square silver coins. Very confusing pattern, not normal Islamic script. Perhaps overstruck on another coin, or perhaps a fantasy piece?
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Both the Muwahhid and the Hafsid dynasties struck square dirhams with the same legends. The Muwahhidin struck them in simple Kufic and Naskh script.
لا اله الا الله
الامر كله لله
لا قوة الا بالله
There is no god except God
The whole commandment is unto God
There is no strength except in God

الله ربنا
محمد رسولنا
المهدي امامنا
God is our Lord
Muhammad is our Messenger
Al-Mahdi is our leader

After the fall of the Muwahhidin the Hafsids continued striking these coins in Naskh script, and at some point struck them in ornate Kufic script. The ornate Kufic and Naskh varieties are shown below.

Ornate Kufic script (Reference: Hazard 1952 #1123.)

Naskh script
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