19th Century Cash Coin Weight [solved]

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Good morning/evening,
I won a group of 17 bronze cash coins on an iron spindle. Total weight 331 grams in total. The cash coins are from the Qing dynasty particularly the 19th Century.
The coins are 1 1/2 inches in diameter.

So, I am wondering does it serve a specific purpose or just ornamental?


Hm. I know with holed American coins were sometimes holed so farmers could tie them to a string so they wouldn't lose them out in the field, but I couldn't see anyone tying something that heavy on a string. But it is interesting.
Thanks for the reply, I was thinking it was connected to commerce, say a standard unit of crop for instance is equivalent to one weight of cash coins. The metal spindle would be more practical then.
True, that is actually a smart thing to do, back then at least. Now farming has developed more.
Thanks for the reply is.
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the third is a Song Dynasty 嘉定 era (1208-1224) coin
if were authentic it is scarce
Any advice on validation? I am living in Ireland.
Quote: "kalossaxo"​Any advice on validation? I am living in Ireland.
sorry, ​"could" be scarce depending on variation. it is very likely to be an authenic but most common variation, worth 10 to 30 euros. better keep the whole device do not try to separate coins
That's true, I never dreamt of it. It is such a unique item to own.

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