Automatic message to user regarding his proposal/idea to make Numista better

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This message aims at: suggesting an idea to improve Numista

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Would it be too hard to implement an end automatic reply to every user who adds new proposal in next forum sites:
  • Numista catalog,
  • Numista website,
  • Referees / Référents
and others if suitable.

This way you get notified in your mailbox on solution over your proposal, for instance a proposal over new tag. No more need to constantly check for admins system reply on this matter (solved/cancelled) on the forum site.

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You should receive an email notification each time an update is posted. Isn't that enough?
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I guess there is no need for extra message if an idea has been rejected. But in case idea or proposal has been implemented, the message right into "Messages" box would be nice (I know - its not a matter over "must-have" but a matter of "nice-to-have").
I have made many proposals regarding tags, some were implemented, some not (yet). System message over implemented stuff would prompt me to go and add all those tags... it was my request/wish afterall... Currently I am not checking whether tag proposal was added, as some take many months to be added in the list.
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With the same idea,
When a creation of form has been modified a notification by email to its author would allow him to have knowledge of these.
Referents, more documented, sometimes modify information and / or add when they are absent.
Assuming he owns the coin the author of the sheet would learn a little more about his collection, at least on some topics.
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