30 Years of British Crowns

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I have just seen a folder for these seven coins on sale on eBay from Australia which contains the coins...

I suspect like most crown collectors, I have the coins already . However , it would be nice to have the folder .

Does anyone know where to get or who makes it ?

Here it is
The back page has Copyright DCPL 10293 on it ...

Not sure yet who that is.
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also 13750057 also 15924495 also 15995337
Thanks intriguing
Looks like it's from Westminster Collection
Checked ....it’s not Westminster
any update would also be interested in having a nice folder for them :D
Unfortunately, haven’t been able to find any more out ...I was hoping someone here would know.
Copyright number may indicate District of Columbia in Australia
District of Columbia is in the USA not Australia.

Australia has a federal district of Canberra which is also known as A.C.T. Australian Capital Territory and a piece of coastal land known as Jervis Bay.

Looking at the package - it's one of those Sunday supplement things (Only $99.95 plus $19.95 postage and packaging). All of the coins are incredibly cheap and common as heck, I think the 1953 and 1960 may be a $1 or $2, but the 1970s ones are Facevalue only.
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It is produced by Macquarie Mint, Australia - this is a private non official producer and I doubt they even issue coins, just an Australian version of Bradford Exchange or Franklin Mint.


Looking at their website, they sell collector coins which are genuine but at crazily marked up prices, basically granny bait. This collection of crowns costs $103 AUD, which is crazy considering you can buy them for a $1 or $2 at most each. The coin capsules may add another 50 cents per coin.

They also sell a lot of overpriced bullion and classic coins at marked up prices, like a sovereign collection that costs $845 for the first coin and $1000 for each subsequent 7. So you pay $7845 for 8 sovereigns that have about $3,800 worth of gold in them. They even have the nerve to charge postage and handling on that!
Love silver coins of the UK, NZ and Commonwealth.
I collect piece by piece and do the best I can.
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I don't do swaps or trades sorry
Written asking if folder only is available..prob too expensive
I think it's silly to even buy or use that folder. Why not make 1 unique for yourself? After you make it, can be very rewarding. Depends on how you want to start for these 7 coins. Eg 7 flip on a 20 flip page sleeves for some description. Or 7 slabs on a 9 page slab with some descriptions.
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