Feedback on my grading (US 1964 D dimes) [solved]

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Looking for a little help as newer to the grading aspects. Really not sure if I’m getting anywhere close to the mark. Two photos – obverse and reverse – of the same coin at what I think are different grades. The scans are at 1200DPI so show things which are not visible to the eye even at 5x, such as the small cluster of scratches on the cheek of the AU obverse. All the coins through F had at least some luster; AU and XF have full luster although it doesn’t show well in these scans.

AU: I cannot see evidence of wear; the marks, particularly on the reverse (R of top of torch and to bottom R of oak branch) LOOK like pictures of mint damage.
XF: Again, the marks on the reverse on the bottom and right hand side of the torch look to be similar to pictures of mint damage; on the obverse there is a potential scratch that crosses just above the nostril but it seems to end in a deposit of metal; the squiggle on the nose and pocks across the cheek and jaw look like mint damage; however, they detract from the coin so there you go.
VF/F: wear is similar, I bumped the F down due to the accumulation of material above the “Y” in LIBERTY on the obverse.
VG has a knock in the rim at about 4 o’clock on the obverse and the mint mark, while still very legible, is flattened on the reverse.
G has significant wear of the “L” in LIBERTY and “WE” on the obverse as well as a ding in the edge at 4 o’clock; two dings in the edge on the reverse at 10 o’clock and a big one at 3 o’clock.
JS is my own notation -means it’s not collectible. Significant wear on the reverse combined with disfiguring scrapes on the obverse.

So – am I close? Where am I getting things wrong? Thanks in advance for your help.
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This site is very helpful in honing your skills at grading and has a wealth of helpful information. At the top of the page click on resources and then find Photograde for each type of coin you would like to compare your coins to.
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Thank you very much Harryg -- Photograde is an amazingly helpful tool!
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