USSR 1990 Set [solved]

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I have the oportunity to buy a 1990 coin set from the URSS for more or less 20€ with shipping

I just dont know if its a good price or not, tryed to find others sets like this one and i only found other years but for 40€ in best case (and much much more).

I dont know if i just have a good oportunity or thoose prices i saw are far away from "real/serious sell prices"

Give me a hand please

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IMHO - since shipping is included, I'd say it was a fair price ..
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The price is fair or even below market...
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Finally i got it

The set came along with 170 GDR Pfennigs (various values, conditions mints, etc) for 23 euros shipping included in the price.

Although i am not a sets guy, and the fact that some coins came with some little dark spots, I am very glad with the addition 😄

Thank you all for the help!
Se queres ca muller che queira, ten diñeiro na carteira
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