Help identification in Portuguese Coins - Contermarks [solved]

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I´ve a couple coins that it seems i can´t identify.

One is a 400 Reis - 1821 from Joannes VI - with a "Countermark GP under crown" like many from the Numista - for example.

Other is a 500 Reis - 1855 from Petrus II - with a Crown contermark

Can someone help me with those?
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Without actual photos of your coins, probably nobody will mind helping you...
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Probably right. :) There they are.

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Both countermarks are from Azores, King Luis I

First coin->
Original coin :Cruzado(400)/1821/João VI/Portugal
Counterstamp :“Crowned GP”-> 600 Réis
Alberto Gomes, Azores L1 26.06

Second coin->
Original coin : 500 Reis/1855/Pedro II/Brazil
Counterstamp: “Big Crown”->300 Réis
Alberto Gomes, Azores L1 09.01
Pls add your pict to our catalogue

Both countermarks seems to be not fakes.
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Thank you very much.

I have a 1987 Alberto Gomes, probably a first edition... None of the coins were there. 😊
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