Value of Dutch East Indies 3 Guilder 1786 [solved]

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I'd love some help getting an idea of the value of this coin. I've identified it as this coin KM# 54. I found this price guide on NGC Coin. Any help would be much appreciated!

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Krause have similar catalog prices but I've seen this coin few times for sell in AU condition in range 400 - 600$ so the value is a little bit overestimated.

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welcome to Numista!!
Where did you get it for what price?
Did you try some silvertests?
Is that the real color or is it the light?
Did you compare the weight and dimensions?
The details are too crude to make it a real coin

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It’s a family heirloom that my grandfather brought with him from the Netherlands. The colour isn’t right in those photos. They were taken on my mobile. Thanks for the tips!
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