Unknown coins from Poland (Polish-Lithuanian) [solved]

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Hello expert

I found 2 coins and I think that are trojak but it matched not clear with the pictures in numista.
Who can help me to find out the exact catalog number?

The first coin is (I think) GUM#1094, 1 trojak, material silber,round 20.6 mm, thickness 1.1 mm, weight 2.62 gr. Year 99 B. Is this correct? What is the quality and what is the market value of both coins??

The second coin is also (I think) 1 trojak with the catalog number GUM#1144. Round 19.3 mm, thick 0.8 mm, weight 1.58 gr.

Thank for help

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The references are good but there are some varieties. The first one is from year 1599 not from 99. :8D
Each worth about 15$ in this condition.

3 Grosze 1599
3 Grosze 1624
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The first coin is a 3 groschen, 1599, Bydgoszcz (Bromberg) mint.
Gumowski #1096.

The second coin is also a 3 groschen, 1624, coat of arms having a star on each side.
Gumowski #1138 (same number is given for years 1618, 1619, 1620, 1621, 1622, 1623, and 1624 with the same coat of arms: ). Varieties are not individually cataloged on this series in Gumowski or KM.
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The only good catalog for trojaks is Iger.

First coin:
Bydgoszcz mint, Iger B.99.2.c

Kraków mint, Iger K.24.1.b
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Hello geraltttt82

Is there an internet version of the Iger catalogue available ?

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