Unknown coins / tokens from Spain [solved]

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Hello expert

Who can help me to find these coins / tokens in numista?
First coin, 4 reales, material silber, round 20.4 mm, thickness 1.3 mm, weight 5.92 gr.

Second coin, ½ reaal, material silber, round 15.15 mm, thickness 0.8 mm, weight 1.28 gr.

Third token, 1 peseta, material aluminium, round 27.5 mm, thickness 1.6 mm, weight 7.57 gr

What is the market value of these coins?

Thank for help.

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The last one, i just saw it yesterday in some spanish webs (lol). The average price there is around 10 euros.

The first one, i think is a proclamation coin or token, not sure (the second will be the same; by the way, Carlos IV was the grandfather of Isable II). For instance i only found 1/2, 1 and 2 Real.

If they are not in Numista, please add them, its very easy :O

Edit: only found this about the Carlos IV one
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thanks for the quick respons and the information. Can you tell me something about quality and market value of the two silber coins.

I do not know how I can place the coin in the database, I have never do that. I have only place my coins in the database, I am a new member.

thank you
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Did a quick research for prices over here for thoose two medals of proclamation; as far as i could research, sellers usually sell them for around 35€ but some go up to 50€, 65€ or even 80€... who knows what is its rasionable market price :.

You know, in one hand anyone can put the price he wants and considers fair; in the other hand, the most prices and the most sells i saw, were around 30-40€. Ask a second opinion about this, i can be wrong.

About adding them, i leave you here the direct link to the "Add a coin to the catalogue". Firt time maybe its a bit overwhelming, but dont worry its very easy, you will see that the diferent fields are very clear, the most info you can add the better for all of us! (;0

About grading them,i am a rookie on that and i prefer to pass in these cases; nevertheless, in case you dont know it, i will leave you the Numista handy guide for grading, you will find a very easy guidelines or "rules" for grade any kind of coin or token.
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The first two items are proclamation medals: the one on the top, issued in 1833, was to commemorate the proclamation of Isabel II as a new queen (although under her mother's regency, as the queen herself was three years old); the other one below was struck to commemorate the proclamation of Carlos IV in 1789. This kind of "proclamation medals" were struck by town halls and used during the festivity days to celebrate the proclamation of the new monarch. During the proclamation parade, the march stopped in two or three scheduled spots and, after a short ceremony in which the new king was publically proclaimed with final "hurrah", two or three of the marchers threw bunches of these medals to the audience. In the case of the shown medals, they were struck in Madrid, but there are many more from other locations.

There are several books devoted to these kind of numismatic items.

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