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This message aims at: requesting the creation or the modification of a currency in the catalog

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A couple of the Roman Empire periods have some redundancies in the currency list:

Military Anarchy and Economic Collapse (235-268)
1 Aureus = 2 Gold Quinarii (Quinarius) = 25 Denarii (Denarius) • 1 Antoninianus = 2 Denarii • 1 Denarius • 1 Denarius • 1 Denarius = 2 Silver Quinarii (Quinarius) = 4 Sestertii (Sestertius) = 8 Dupondii (Dupondius) = 16 As

Same for "The Severans".

the "1 Denarius" I highlighted could be omitted right?

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yes, this was just fixed! <:D
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Many thanks, Jarcek!

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