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i have two smalle coins that I need help identifying, both 13/16ths of an inch in diameter, a bronze colour,

one has a picture of Queen Victoria,with inscription saying, Queen Victoria Queen of Great Britain 1851.
and the opposite side has a Picture of Napoleon, with an inscription, napoleon Emperor of France 1850.

The other coin has Queen Victoria Queen of Great Britain 1863, and the opposite side has The Three Welsh Feathers in the center, and an inscription around it saying The Prince of Wales
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It's always better to post pictures. I know there were medals struck for the visit of Napoleon III to the UK, though I don't think yours is in the Numista catalogue.

For the other one, have a look at these search results.
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The first one is an english token
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Yes, like that last reply, it is on here ...
though you say yours is
Victoria 1851 / Napoleon 1850
whereas that is
Victoria 1854 / Napoleon 1856
so either your dates are worn and difficult to read,
or it is a different version. But yes, pictures would help. :)
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