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I recently updated my swaplist with medieval and ancient coins. Quality and rarity varies but there are a few rarer coins on it like an antoninianus of emperor Quintillus (emperor for just a few months), a PIETAS AVG type as of emperor Marcus Aurelius, a medieval Hungarian silver denar minted in the occupied Vienna mint (yes, in the late 16th century Hungary occupied Vienna) etc.

Coins in the photo are:
- 2nd century As of empress Faustina
- 12th century copper Hungarian bowl shaped coin imitating Byzantine coinage. (not available any more)
- 3rd century antoninianus of emperor Tacitus

If anyone is interested in any of them send me a message. :)
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More coins added, if anyone is interested please let me know. :)
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The Faustina and 12th century Hungarian coins are gone but I added some new coins,some of them are from the 2nd century. If anyone is interested please send me a message. :)
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It's possible to have a picture of this coin please : Copper Coin - III. Béla 1172-1196

Hervé from MONACO

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