The 2019 GB alphabet coin mintage

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I understood from information given out by the Royal Mint, that 2,100,000 alphabet coins were to be put into circulation early in 2019.
This was a total across the 26 coins.
It seems, according to Numista, that 2,100,000 of each of the 2019 coins has been issued. This cannot be correct.
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I don't know the answer so I just ask if these coins were not minted in the same amount? If the answer is yes then the mintage is wrong (since it should be divisible by 26) or it's for each coin.
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Open to interpretation, I would suggest:
"How many coins are being made in 2019?
There is an unlimited mintage set against the collectable Uncirculated Great British Coin Hunt A-Z 2019 10p coins made. However, 2.1 million circulating versions of the coins will be released into circulation from February 2019."
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The listings for the 2018 series, shows 200,000 for each coin, so 2,100,000 for each 2019 series coin seems a bit excessive.
I'm just a collector of coins, not a slave to it, unless I am in a coin shop.
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Still yet to see a single one of these in my change.

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