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Can someone please help me to know which variety it is

6,35g 27mm
I lean towards this one
But on mine:
-I'm not sure about the date 1794 or 1791? Edit: must be 1794
-The crown points to the beginning of the D of duke
-The line dividing the shield goes from the S of Lancaster to the P of Halfpenny

Thanks for your opinions
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Definitely 1794. Compare the flat top of the "1" and the pointed "4". You can compare them in Google images as well.
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I agree, it was my first thought too.
So, it narrows the choice but I still haven't found a perfect match yet.
Thank you for your input Camerinvs
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please download the cathalog and look at page 64 (Lancaster)
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Found it

Thank you so much PetrusAscanus.
What a wonderful book! :8D

40 is RR and 40a is common
Mine should be the common one but can't be sure because on a flan so small that the edge wouldn't be readable even if something was written on it, I guess.

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