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I was wondering how to rebuild my swap list. After a good start and big supplies at first, things started to slow down and it has been a while since I found nice coins for either my collection or my swap list.
I'm running out of good coins and really I have no idea where to find good stuff. I got most of my coins from friends of mine, family or other people I know, but there is hardly left a foreign coin in their pockets. I also visited a few local dealers, but I already took their good stuff.
I think almost everyone has been at this point at least once. Not everyone started with 10.000 coins in their collection and a swap list of 5.000 coins. Any advice where to find good coins without spending big money on it?
Thanks :)
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Kor├ža upper town is so beautiful :love:

Old albanian coins are an interesting assets for foreign swap :8D
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Indeed they are, that's how I made most of my successful swaps. Alas, the good Albanian pieces are hard to find. :( Too bad people didn't preserve them.

Thanks for liking my city, I hope you enjoyed your time here. :)

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