Coin from German States Silesie??

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Hello experts

I have a coin from 6 kreuzer. The problem is the country.
Is it from German states (Silesie) (krause) or Austria Habsburg (numista KM#1185)
The lettering starts with LEOPOLD instead of LEOPOLDUS.
The weight of the coin is 3.13 gr. and the diameter is 25.5 till 25.9 mm. The material is silber.

What is the right identification?

thanks for help
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Yours is from the Vienna mint not the Breslau mint
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Quote: "Idolenz"​Yours is from the Vienna mint not the Breslau mint
​I think they mean that the legend on the coin differs.
It says that that different legend varieties exist for KM# 1185

Edit: this coin has your legend:
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The stated problem was country.
The legend form doesn't matter much they are all hand-crafted dies and depending on how the die carver worked and estimated the space he has for use you lose some letters you gain some letters.
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