Vinyl banknote storage pages 30 cents - For Sale USA only

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I have for sale 51 used three-ring banknote pages as follows:
10 Cowens 4-pocket
16 Supersafe 4-pocket
25 Lead Dog 4-pocket
(all 3-pockets sold)

None of these are the archival (as I would call them "crispy") pages. These are the more supple type that does not crack when bent. There will be some dust and dog hair on these, they are like magnets for that.

PM me any offer. (I don't see a way to ship these for less than $13 due to their dimensions, if you do, let's discuss.)
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Please be aware of the rules for selling on Numista. I don't think you fill all the criteria. Just so you know.
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Hey my friend , How many of the three pockets can I get for this.

If you need we can work out something to make it worth the postage. I can add more money.
edit would like to get all 75 of them .
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