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I can’t seem to get answers maybe rhis site is not for me thanks anyway
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Patience is a virtue ;)
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Take in mind that not all users have the knowledge to answer some kind of questions and also not all users over here use/look/participate on the forum
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Good morning Spider

I had a look at your profile and saw you posted three questions to which you got a qualified answer every time.

Somehow it seems to me that you might have posted other questions that is not listed in your profile. I would suggest that in this case you move your question in the forum to another topic and see if you get more information. Personally I have found that even in complex and difficult topics, someone is able to point in a direction and help us move forward.

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I too looked over all 3 of your posts and all seemed answered in a timely fashion... is it that you didn't like the answers? A new hobby comes with many frustrations hehe, I know when I got started I spent lots of money on things I thought were rare or different, but Numismatics is an excellent hobby and I've made many friends with it over the years. I would stick with it if I were you, plus that Washington medal is pretty darn cool in my opinion.

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