Hungarian states flags

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I have a proposal for the Hungarian states flags.
I've checked this with imreh already, but any further feedback welcome!


Batthyány, Counts of

As it appears on coins

Buda, City of

The ostrich and horseshoe, as it appears on some coins

Cattaro, Hungarian City of

Not obviously on coins, but seems the right flag for the period

Esterházy, Counts of

As it is on coins

Hermannstadt, City of

I can't find the coat of arms from that period, probably different to current one. However, the coins did show the two crossed swords under the eagle.

Kronstadt, City of

As it is on coins

Nagybánya, City of

Crossed pickaxes appeared on coins and on the current coat of arms

Selmecbánya, City of

Pickaxes appear on coins and current arms

Serbia, Hungarian possession of

Arms of Serbia of that period

Severin, Banate of

Arms of the Bans, as it appears on coins,

Slavonia, Province of

Arms of the period, as it appears on coins

Spalato, City of

Arms of City of Split, maybe shown on some coins (?)

Transylvania, Principality of

Flag of Transylvania, appears on some coins
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Added to Xavier to do list :)
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Status changed to Done (Xavier, 2-Jan-2020, 11:30AM)
Thank you! I uploaded the file. They will show up after the next nightly update and after the refresh of your cache.

I adjusted the flags in order to use the standard flag look and feel and I removed the red band from the flag of Transylvania. It seems it has not always been there (see this coin for example) and it simplifies the flag.
Thank you, Xavier!

I used the flag pack, but kept the colours faithful to the flags. For the next flags I will use the flag pack shades too!


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