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There are a few issuers still left without flags. I thought I'd start a thread for collecting flags of Silesia. So if anyone wants to help, please reply with a flag, and I will update this post so we can keep track.

Ideally they should use the flag pack. Otherwise something in 7:6 ratio would help.


-- Silesia
-------- Breslau, Bishopric of (source)

-------- Breslau, City of (source)

-------- Bytom, City of
New flag: (source)

Flag of the Duchy (from Idolenz):

-------- Glatz, Duchy of (from Jarcek)

-------- Glogau, City of (from Jarcek)

-------- Jägerndorf, Duchy of (from Jarcek)

-------- Kosel, City of (source)

-------- Krosno, Duchy of (from Jarcek)

-------- Krosno, City of (source)

-------- Liegnitz, City of (from Jarcek)

-------- Liegnitz-Brieg, Duchy of (source)

-------- Münsterberg, City of (source)

-------- Münsterberg-Öls, Duchy of (source)

-------- Nisa, City of (source)

-------- Oels, City of (source)

-------- Oppeln, City of (source)

-------- Oppeln-Ratibor, Duchy of (from Jarcek)

-------- Schweidnitz, City of (from Jarcek)

-------- Silesia, Royal Mint of (Silesian Flag)

-------- Strzegom, City of (source)

-------- Teschen, Duchy of (from Jarcek)

-------- Toszek, City of (source)

-------- Troppau, City of (source)

-------- Troppau, Duchy of (from Jarcek)

-------- Wohlau, City of (source)

-------- Württemberg-Oels, Duchy of (source)

-------- Żagań, Duchy of (from Jarcek)

And I will start with the flag of Breslau, City of:
either this, which appears on coins

or this, which is cleaner:

I have these somewhere stored, I am just not capable of putting them into right format.
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If you share them somehow, I can give it a go to format them
Duchy of Glatz:

Duchy of Troppau:

Duchy of Jägernsdorf:

Duchy of Teschen:

Duchy of Oppeln-Ratibor:

Duchy of Żagań:

City of Krosno:

City of Glogau:

City of Schweidnitz:
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I think these are now complete. :O

One question:

- Oels, City of
- Württemberg-Oels, Duchy of
- Münsterberg-Öls, Duchy of

"Oels" and "Öls" refer to the same thing. Any reason the spelling differs?
No reason B. I believe Münsterberg-Öls was moved from German states, that would explain that.
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Like always nice work but historically it bothers me a bit that so many modern flags are used for places that don't really had flags just arms.
For example there is only a coin from the 15th century for the city of Beuthen/Bytom paired with a flag that was intrduced in 2000.
Hi Idolenz, I totally agree it's a bit irritating for me too. My sources on flags and CoA are limited. If you have the correct one, I am happy to update it.

Jarcek: I am also wondering how "Württemberg-Oels" came about. I'd expect either "Württemberg-Öls" or "Wuerttemberg-Oels" B.
Sadly no, because there is often no 'correct' one. As far as my limited medieval history knowledge goes such small entities did use the colors of there overlords whoever that was at the time. That changed uite a few times in a life of a peassent or it was constant for centuries with little change.

Maybe sometime in the future we have higher resoltution pictures and/or they are placed differently and we could just use the arms for a tat more historical truthfullness.

In the case of Bytom ... I don't have the Kopicki catalog but the single coin looks more like it was for the duchy than just the city at least the arms would suggest that.,_Duke_of_W%C3%BCrttemberg-Oels
It's Württemberg-Oels in German too ... mostlikely because it was used befor the Ö was used and never changed
Maybe someone over-corrected at one point
Thanks Idolenz!
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Thank you!
I just uploaded the flags. They will appear after you clear the cache of your browser or after 7 days.
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Thanks, Xavier!

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