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There are a few issuers still left without flags. I thought I'd start a thread for collecting flags of Austrian States. So if anyone wants to help, please reply with a flag, and I will update this post so we can keep track.

Ideally they should use the flag pack. Otherwise something in 7:6 ratio would help.


-- Austrian states
-------- Auersperg, Counts of (source, as on coins) - from Vinicius Peclat

-------- Austria, Duchy of (source, on coins) - thanks Vinicius Peclat

-------- Brixen, Bishopric of (source, appears on half of one shield on coins) - thanks Vinicius Peclat

-------- Burgau, Margraviate of (source, on coins) - thanks Vinicius Peclat

-------- Carinthia, Duchy of (source, on coins) - thanks Vinicius Peclat

-------- Dietrichstein, Counts of (source, on coins) - thanks Vinicius Peclat

-------- Further Austria (source)

-------- Görz, County of (source)

-------- Gurk, Bishopric of (source) - thanks Vinicius Peclat

-------- Khevenhuller-Metsch, Counts of (source)

-------- Merania, Duchy of (source)

-------- Orsini-Rosenberg, Counts of (source, on coins) - thanks Vinicius Peclat

-------- Ortenburg, County of (source,partly on coins) - thanks Vinicius Peclat

-------- Paar, Counts of (source, more elaborate on coins)

-------- Salzburg, Bishopric of (source, on coins) - thanks Vinicius Peclat

-------- Sinzendorf, County of (source, on coins)

-------- Sprinzenstein, Counts of (source, on coins, thanks Vinicius Peclat) - thanks Vinicius Peclat

-------- Styria, Duchy of (source)

-------- Trautson, Counts of (source, as on coins)

-------- Tyrol, County of

-------- Upper Alsace, Landgraviate of (source)

-------- Wien (Austria), Arcbishopric of - thanks Vinicius Peclat

-------- Windisch-Grätz, Counts of (source)

I will start with the flag of Tyrol:

Status changed to Accepted (Jarcek, 13-Jan-2020, 12:07AM)
Auersperg, condes de

I sent the flags 2 times and it didn't appear, I don't know what's happening, it appears that it's being reviewed
Ducado da Áustria

Brixen, Bispado de

Burgau, Margraviate de

Quote: "Vinicius Peclat"​Burgau, Margraviate de

​This is the coat of arms of the city not the margraviate, that is further down the wiki article.
QuoteIdolenzO que outras pessoas estão dizendo
QuoteVinicius PeclatBurgau, Margraviate de Ligação

Este é o brasão de armas da cidade e não o margravado, que fica mais abaixo no artigo da wiki.
thanks for the correction

Caríntia, ducado de
Dietrichstein, condes de
Áustria adicional
I didn't find anything about it, so I'd put the shield on the coin. link

Gurk, Bispado de

Orsini-Rosenberg, condes de

Ortenburg, Condado de

Paar, condes de
I didn't find anything referring, so I would put the wenzel family shield, since the coins are referring to Johann Wenzel, correct me if I'm wrong link

Salzburgo, Bispado de

Sinzendorf, County de
Sprinzenstein, condes de

Viena (Áustria), arcebispado de
I'm not sure if this is it, correct me if I'm wrong. link

Thank you Vinicius Peclat, Idolenz!

These should all be done now :

let's wait for xavier to approve and make the changes !!
Thank you!
I just uploaded the flags. They will appear after you clear the cache of your browser or after 7 days.
Status changed to Done (Xavier, 17-Jan-2020, 03:42PM)
Fantastic! Thank you, Xavier!
;) Ótimo!!
Acabei de carregar as bandeiras. Eles aparecerão depois que você limpar o cache do seu navegador ou após 7 dias.
hello xavier, the flag did not load, from Salzburg.
Status changed to Started (Xavier, 21-Jan-2020, 09:09AM)
Status changed to Done (Xavier, 21-Jan-2020, 10:57PM)
Thanks for noticing. I added the missing flag.
Thank you all for the effort !
It looks much nicer now :)
Quand l'Histoire et la Géographie se croisent sur nos pièces de monnaie ...
Referee for Austria-Habsburg, Austrian Netherlands, Austrian States, Bohemia, Silesia.
Traducteur, demandez en cas de besoin ! Translator, ask if you need !
QuoteXavierObrigado por perceber. Eu adicionei a bandeira ausente.
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