Flags of Rus Principalities

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This message aims at: requesting the creation or the modification of a country in the catalog

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Can an admin please check all the Principalities that are in Numista already, but don't show up in the catalog because they don't yet have a coin? (e.g.: Gorodets, Principality of) Then we can add flags (and a coin) for those too.

Then we can collect here the flags of the Rus Duchies. I will slowly edit the ones that Vinicius Peclat uploaded too.



-- Rus Principalities
-------- Dmitrov, Principality of

-------- Gorodets, Principality of *

-------- Kashin, Principality of

-------- Kiev, Principality of

-------- Mikulino, Principality of

-------- Moscow, Grand principality of (already has a flag)
-------- Mozhaysk, Principality of

-------- Nizhny Novgorod-Suzdal, Grand principality of (already has a flag)
-------- Novgorod Republic

-------- Pronsk, Principality of

-------- Pskov Republic (already has a flag)
-------- Rostov, Principality of

-------- Ryazan, Grand principality of (already has a flag)
-------- Serpukhov-Borovsk, Principality of

-------- Tmutarakan, Principality of

-------- Torzhok, City of

-------- Tver, Grand Principality of

-------- Uglich, Principality of

-------- Vereya, Principality of

-------- Yaroslavl, Principality of

-------- Zvenygorod, Principality of

It looks great!!
I've opened a new thread with a proposal to improve this section a bit:

Maybe we can solve that one first in case there will be new principalities added, so we can have a complete list of flags before Xavier checks them.
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Status changed to Done (Xavier, 17-Jan-2020, 03:34PM)
Thank you!
I just uploaded the flags. They will appear after you clear the cache of your browser or after 7 days.
Acabei de carregar as bandeiras. Eles aparecerão depois que você limpar o cache do seu navegador ou após 7 dias.
thank you Xavier!!!

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