What is the difference between reshat and el ghazi on Ottoman Empire coins? [solved]

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As per the subject can someone explain what reshat and el ghazi are on Ottman Empire coins.
See this coin page: https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces34178.html

-1915: I don’t know what reshat means.
1915+: The meaning of el ghazi is “victorious” (I think).
I suspect both are titles, like Nicholas “the great”?
Thank you, I think the term is honorific. The pictures shown, are they symbols or an Arabic script?
Numbers are the only thing I know in Arabic! And I know there were major changes in 1915 in the Ottoman Empire...
El-Ghazi for Abdul Amid II and Reshat for Mehmet V.
I remember somebody said me about Reshat and El Ghazi meanings.
It seems that Reshat is the Honorific Title of the Sultan (can be sometimes replaced by flowers on the coins),
and El Ghazi is the new Honorific Title when the Sultan has made the Mecca Pilgrimage.
I've never tried to find another explanation…
I always wonder why it is "reshat" not "reshad". There's written رشاد on the coin and that's "reshad".
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