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Anyone else have issues with the regular map? When I hover the curser over the country I am getting the wrong information. Foe example when I hover over India it shows me my coin totals from Thailand and Vietnam. Many other countries are doing the same weird thing. I know its probably not my computer because when I maximize the map it shows the coin totals correctly.
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Blue-m i tryed yesterday and for me its working fine. Tryed several big countries (India, Russia, EEUU, México, Thailand, Vietnam, Spain...) and all are showing their coins correctly!

I leave you a screenshot, maybe you should do the same to make visible the problem 8)

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Yes, the issue is persistent for couple of days now...
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The issue appears to only exist with the mini map, where all the labels east of the Atlantic have shifted left of where they are supposed to be.
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I too have this but if the map is expanded it's better
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Glad to know I'm not the only one with the problem. Wondering if it will be fixed now that several of us have the same problem.
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You shoud edit your topic if you want this to be seen.
This message aims at:
☑ reporting a bug
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Idolenz: Yes, I changed it now.
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Quote: "ZacUK"​ Idolenz: Yes, I changed it now.
​Thank you.
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No, you're not alone.
It's been reported by french forum also. It seems browser dependent, at least partly.
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The issue should be fixed now. :)

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