2 more tokens (I think) where help is needed

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Anyone have any ideas as to what these may be. Designs look similar, so both may be the same token
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This is a good coincidence, i bought last week (edit: actually it was this week (8) the left one, I am waiting for it to arrive.

I remember searching it here and it was listed as a german countertoken related to Nuremberg (edit: Nürnberg instead of Nuremberg).

I will try to search it again and i will leave you the links (at least the first one!)

Edit: here you have 2 links that match at least the desing of both sides, I dont have time right now to try to match the lettrering, but i hope this gives you some light about them?
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Tryed to ID them but I simply cant, did some search with advanced search and wasnt able to find exactly your examples or probably missed it

I leave you two links, the first one, all the results with the lettrering GOTTES which appears in both of your tokens, the second one with the lettrering HANNS which appears in the left one

I did find similar ones that didnt appear under GOTTES or even HANNS; because of the lack of info in their coin pages they are unlike to appear unless you do a full research under German Counter Tokens

Lets see if any other user can help you better than me.
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The first one (brass colored letters)
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The second one (brown colored)
o. WOLF·LAVFER·IN·NVRNBLRG plus in small letters – RECH*
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