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I have recently purchased a 1911 Canadian Minted Gold Sovereign. My concern is a small raised lump on the field about 1mm in front of the Kings forehead. This coin was purchased from a reputable dealer with 40 years experience.

The coin is the correct weight, dimensions and identical to others when compared using photoscape EXCEPT the lump.

Does anyone have any advice or experience of Sovereigns with such marks? [Sorry about the dark pictures]

Thank you for your time and expertise

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Hi Michael
best wishes new year.
As coin not ms?
I would take it local pawn shop? Ask them small acid test, so least damage coin?
If uncirculated coin, but not.
Rim will be damaged! Not big deal as sovereign/ half sovereign? Unless rare, only worth melt.
After 50 years? There are VERY few sovereign ,rare , worth premium!
At least acid test? You made sure gold?
Hope input helpedπŸ‘
Happy new year
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Hi again.
I buy coins , less than "fine", gold.
So we always wonder IF , we been scammed 😭
Less than VF, I usually take coin local gold dealer and simply ask HOW much he pay, he tests gold? All I want!
Keeps us safe?πŸ‘ melt value.
Some sites have some sovereign price 1000€? !πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
Melt value ? Unless specified variety
Good luck and have good year.
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In the UK some bullion dealers will give a premium over melt for sov's, not a lot, but better than melt.
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Hi there, don't be afraid ,my view is that there is no problem with your coin ,if weight dia is correct its absolutely fine.That tiny bump is a minting error
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There are a large number of these on the Heritage site, but I can't find one with that type of raised bump. I suggest you compare it with this one (the lettering on yours appears more rounded and I don't see the B.M. on the neck truncation).
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In my opinion it is a beautifull coin, if I was in your shoes, I would not mind this small lump. (If it really worries you, you can remove it whit a small chisel...:8D) can run,  but you can't hide...
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If weight, diameter and thickness is ok than you shouldn't worry. Probably the small bump was caused by a tiny error on the die which gone unnoticed during the process of minting the coin. I used to collect mint errors, and I had a lot of coins with similar bumps like that, none of them worth to counterfeit as their face value was low (like Weimar pfennigs, Hungarian and Austrian fillΓ©rs/hellers, UK decimal 1 & 2 penny etc.).

So do just as I wrote, check the weight, diameter and thickness and compare them to the catalog. If they are the same, your coin is original.
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Thank you for your thoughts. I was concerned it might be counterfeit as sovereigns are normally perfect when they are minted. You have put my mind at rest.

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