Coin star hit or miss ?

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It the coin star a good place to find foreigne coins or not ?

recent coin star finds also how often do u guys find silver. I found my first silver 10 cents in a coin star 1966
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A few years ago, I had a lot of good luck at CoinStars, and it is the only place I've found wild silver. Lately, my luck has dried up.
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CoinStar is hit or miss for me. I've made many trips to the machines in the grocery stores only to find nothing. But I have found many coins over the years. (A doff of the cap to Cerulean for tipping me off to this technique.)
Mainly I find US dimes. For some reason, the machine rejects newer dimes. But I have found 5 silver dimes (1961-63) as well as other coins, both foreign and domestic at the 4 machines I frequent. My best haul was 3 Sacagewea dollar coins left in the reject bin.
Just keep going and keep checking. You never know what's going to be in there.
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For 3 years now I have bin getting a lot of luck but there are times there is nothing and there are times there is nothing.
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A hit or miss for me. Sometimes I find some random things only interesting to coin geeks like us but it seems less and less these days because many people seem to be checking the reject bins as it almost always is empty.
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For me people often come to the machine mostly around holidays and after the summer once coming from vacations and in those times I find euros and a lot of foreign stuff

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